Even Victorians have funky hems…

One of the things that drives me crazy with my 1890’s walking suit is how clearly you can see the stiff inter-lining of the skirt’s hem.

arlene and dawn out 3It makes me a bit crazy.  I did the smallest possible stitches-only picking up a thread or two (which was a challenge with me being nearly blind for up close work).  And there it is…for all the world to see.

I’m sure Worth’s dresses did not have this problem but other Victorians did.

SAM_1233 (2)Look at that hem line!  Just like mine!  If not worse!  There is an interesting treatment on the bodice.  It looks like pleated ribbon or perhaps pinked fabric.  I think I like the concept but the placement seems a bit much.  I don’t mind the sleeves and shoulders but the boob ones just look wrong.

Is this husband and wife or mother and son?  She seems older than him but that could be just a case of hard living for the women of that era (unless they were wealthy). Could be brother and sister too I guess.  Her dignified position and his hand on her shoulder in an affectionate, doting manner, implies mom and son to me.  Usually, in husband and wife photos, if they are touching, it is the wife touching the husband.

Based on the borders (the two red lines) I’m thinking this carte de visite is from 1864-69.  Her dress and hair would fit that time frame.



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