Another man’s junk….

I thank the Lord above when someone else decides to purge their stash and they bestow the goods on me.  Recently, I scored a HUGE bag full of laces and ribbons.  Oh, they are all poly something or others but most are good for small details on under things or hats.  Some are not blatantly poly and will do for trim on dresses.

SAM_1239They are all piled in a bag so you can’t really how much stuff there is!  It all has to be sorted in some fashion.  Length and color seem to be the logical system to me.  Dreamstress had a post where she used old greeting cards to wrap the ribbons and laces and she wrote the lengths on them so she’d know if she could use it for a project without unwinding it first.  I think I will do something like that.  Once it is sorted, I may bore you with a photo.

The biggest score is a roll of brown ribbon that is not desperately poly looking (at least to the untrained eye) and is not a wildly unusable color.SAM_1240Just look at all that ribbon!  I could trim miles of ruffles with all of that!


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