Plans in the making

My mourning gown has moved to the back burner again.  I’ve got two things working against it.  One is trying to participate in the Historical Sew Fortnightly means that my mourning gown doesn’t always fit the current challenge…no matter how I creatively interpret it. But, its biggest handicap is working with a light sucking black is just a bit dull.  I will have to get it finished this summer though.  Victorian at Heart is planning a photo shoot in a cemetery.  Also, some fun ideas came up at our last outing.  I don’t know if these ideas will ever come to pass, but if one of them does, I will need a mourning gown.

Anyway, it is on the back burner as I work on the Separates challenge.  I will be making an 1870s dress that will have the bodice one color and the skirt another.  And the skirt is green so it will work for the Green challenge.  I should do the bodice first as it is needed for the earlier challenge but I do get set in my ways and I almost always start a project with the faster, easier part first-the skirt.

I hope to get a lot of sewing done this weekend as next weekend will be a bit of a rush.  I’m finally cashing in on a couple of prizes I’ve earned with my costuming hobby and the hubby and I will be dinning out at a fancy restaurant and then staying in a B&B which is in a Victorian house!  Woot! Woot! Then on the Saturday, some of Victorian at Heart will be riding the old train in costume again.  Gonna be a blast!


2 thoughts on “Plans in the making

  1. Claribelle says:

    Be careful where your photoshoot locations are. Some people consider it to be incredibly insensitive to take fashion photos inside a cemetery.

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