Opera Card?

You know how Americans collect baseball cards and Canadians collect hockey cards?  Well, I guess, Victorians collected Opera Cards and Actress Cards.

I have one to share with you.

Madame Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa was a soprano in Britain.



Yup, I’m built like a Victorian soprano.

This photo was likely taken between 1867 when she married Carl Rosa and 1873 when she died in childbirth.  She was 37.

I bought the card because I was attracted to the funky little faux-apron and her hair style.


Wild blue yonder

By the time this post gets published, my baby will be on the last leg of his flight to Australia.  I miss him already.SAM_1345


Update:  His flight was cancelled and he is now wandering around Los Angeles alone.  Oh, the anxiety!

Time to learn to let go

My oldest baby (who isn’t a baby anymore!) is heading off to Australia in a couple of days.  He will be gone for 6 months.  I shall miss him like crazy and I shall worry myself to the point of being crazy but I’m proud of his bravery heading off on his own.  I’m jealous of the freedom he has at this age too.  And here I go, practicing letting go.  Sigh.  Wish me luck and strength.

We had a family party for him yesterday.   One of the perks of working in Recreation is I can borrow the bins of decor for parties and events in my private life.  We had a beach/Australian theme.  Here is my front window.


And my back yard.


We had shrimps on the Bar-B, Australian beer and wine and surfing music (cause he wants to surf while there).  I accidentally bought a $40 bottle of wine (oops)  and didn’t realize it until I got home with it.  It was very nice wine but I nearly died of apoplexy after I saw my mom-in-law pour COKE into her glass of wine!  The sweet lady is not much of a drinker!

Professional photos from one of our outings

I got my photos from the Dames Dandy’s and Dominion Day carriage ride.  The carriage and the photos were from Aspire Photography


It is a lovely photo is it not?  To bad there are some modern buildings ruining the effect! Oh wait!  With a cheap and crappy program like “Paint” and a little bit of patience I can get rid of them!

IMG_1478 - Copy

If  you don’t look to closely (zoom) -especially at the trees- it isn’t to bad.  The pavement might be a bit off but I didn’t think I could do much with that.

Here, I did it again.  Before….



And after….IMG_1609 - Copy

A couple of the photos didn’t need the “skillfully” executed alteration.



I just love that blue in Shirley’s suit.  We are both done up in 1890’s dresses in honor of the age of the house.



The building in the back is the Manitoba Legislative Building.  I didn’t “Paint” it out because it was passably old.  It is only about 18 years too young for our dresses. The parasols were a blessing!  In an era before sunglasses and tank tops, they really did the trick with the oppressively hot sun!

Good Book

Ever have a book so good that all but the bare necessities of life get put on the back burner.  Yup.  That’s me right now.  You are gonna get a crap post so that I can get back to my book.  And I’ve discovered the joys of having said book at my finger tips at all times via my smart phone.  I can’t even walk the dog properly now….


My next project is my tea gown.  I showed you the material and the lace a couple of days ago.  I bought tons of that lace knowing that I want to use it but I’m not sure how.  I had thought that running it down the front might be nice but it is so wide and straight (no ruffles or pleats)…I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.  Then I saw THIS!


It is sort of zig zagged  down the front.  I like it!  I like the pleats too but I doubt I have enough fabric for that.  And I think my fabric is too loud a print for that any way.  May be if I found a plain print with a matching or complimentary color….  I have to see what the gown looks like all put together first I think.

Do you plan your trims before hand or do you wait and see what it “tells” you once it is done?  Some trims are easier to do pre-assembly but I end up worrying that it will look bad or over done and then I’ll struggle to get it off!  I buy a few things that I think might work before sewing.  Sometimes I don’t end up using them and sometimes I end up heading out to buy more.