Plugging along and winning “big”

My second day of the three-day weekend has been nice.  Church in the morning.  I had lunch and a round of bingo in the afternoon with a good friend.  (If you told me 10 years ago I’d turn into a middle-aged lady that likes to play bingo I would have shuddered!  And before you organize an intervention for me, it isn’t the gambling or winning the money that is important.  It is doing something with a friend.)  I won 2 games for $100 in winnings.  That isn’t the important part but I don’t mind when it works out that way.  My friend joked that should I come to bingo immediately after church more often.  (Yes, I realize God doesn’t really work that way.)

Later on in the afternoon, I got some more sewing in while I waited for my family to return home along with some in-laws so we can hot tub it!  After a year, our broken hot tub is finally up and running (yee haa).

The sewing I was working on was my 1870’s polonaise.  I’ve decided to have 42 buttons running down the full length of it.  I haven’t decided if all the lower button holes will actually be functional but I do want them there at least decoratively.  There are some fitting issues but I decided that I should be able to button the thing shut before I start taking in the side seams and darts.  That will hopefully stop some of the issues I frequently have with gaping across the “girls”.

For all my Canadian friends, enjoy your holiday day.  I know I will.


4 thoughts on “Plugging along and winning “big”

  1. jennphelps1 says:

    Are you machine or hand stitching?

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