I spent the whole afternoon hand sewing!

If you know me, you know I am not a fan of hand sewing (though I have to confess that the more I do it, the less I hate it.)  But, a whole afternoon and most of the evening was a bit much.  I finally had to give up when I couldn’t see any more.  I don’t have great light in my living room where I do my sewing and let’s face it, I’m middle-aged and reading glasses and dim light are not compatible.

I’ve been working on my trim.  I’m actually surprised I’ve been working on the trim today.  I would have thought that, like usual, I’d be attaching my sleeves for the 42nd time.  Miracles of miracles, the things went on easy…the FIRST TIME!  And they look pretty good! (What is that?  Is that a chorus of angels singing?)

I’ve attached some bows and beads.  There a ton more beads to go on so it could be a few more days before I get it all done.



Oooo!  And some blingy bling!


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