It is done! HSF Challenge #16 Separates.

Done with 59 minutes to spare! The due date was this past Monday and I had it posted on Monday 11:01 pm!  I call this a separate because the skirt can be changed to a matching one (not made yet) or may be a black or silver…. I also made it so that it could be buttoned closed all the way to the bottom for a different look.


But the best part is the back….


I made it a bit longer in the back for some training effect but not quiet that much…my dress form keeps shrinking down.

The Challenge: 16 Separates

Fabric: a synthetic that is very much like silk

Pattern: Truly Victorian 410

Year: 1873

Notions: Twill tapes, buttons, beaded trim, buttons

How historically accurate is it? The colors, pattern and silhouette are as correct as I know how to do. The color and style would be appropriate for a woman my age, size and marital status.  It would be used for a semi formal to formal event.  But, I think its first time out will be a picnic.  I’ll just be that high maintenance woman who shows up at the camp grounds in heels and full make up (wink).The synthetic fabric, plastic beads, non silver metal in buttons and buckle, machine sewn button holes would drop the bodice down. I’d say it is about 60%.
Hours to complete: 25

First worn: not yet but aiming for a picnic next month.

Total cost: @$50

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