Hat made!

I got my hat made today.  As you may recall, I was aiming for the hat on the top right.


I was a bit stuck on how to shape the hat that must be under all that stuff.  I thought it might be something like the bottom left.  I made it with wire, buckram and left over scraps from the dress and that went fairly well.  But without the decorations it looked more like this.


I decided to pin the decorations on before attaching them permanently.  Good thing I did because my first two attempts looked more like this….


I can’t say it ended up being much better, but I did want something that was a bit more daring than what I have made in the past.  The 1870’s did like things to be a bit over done. And this qualifies as over done.  Unfortunately, I decided to use my phone instead of my camera and the photo is a bit blurry.


The color is also a bit off.


I slapped my hair up into a bun and attached my fake hair so that I could get an idea about how it might look.  The hair was done loosely and the hat is quite heavy.  I do hope I’ll be able to keep it on my head with a hat pin.  The fake hair was also a bit crooked.


Here is the other side.  I tried to have a bit more asymmetry but my modern senses resist this.


And this is how it looks with the dress.


I like hats.  I can get them made up pretty fast.

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