My next project is my tea gown.  I showed you the material and the lace a couple of days ago.  I bought tons of that lace knowing that I want to use it but I’m not sure how.  I had thought that running it down the front might be nice but it is so wide and straight (no ruffles or pleats)…I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.  Then I saw THIS!


It is sort of zig zagged  down the front.  I like it!  I like the pleats too but I doubt I have enough fabric for that.  And I think my fabric is too loud a print for that any way.  May be if I found a plain print with a matching or complimentary color….  I have to see what the gown looks like all put together first I think.

Do you plan your trims before hand or do you wait and see what it “tells” you once it is done?  Some trims are easier to do pre-assembly but I end up worrying that it will look bad or over done and then I’ll struggle to get it off!  I buy a few things that I think might work before sewing.  Sometimes I don’t end up using them and sometimes I end up heading out to buy more.


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