Time to learn to let go

My oldest baby (who isn’t a baby anymore!) is heading off to Australia in a couple of days.  He will be gone for 6 months.  I shall miss him like crazy and I shall worry myself to the point of being crazy but I’m proud of his bravery heading off on his own.  I’m jealous of the freedom he has at this age too.  And here I go, practicing letting go.  Sigh.  Wish me luck and strength.

We had a family party for him yesterday.   One of the perks of working in Recreation is I can borrow the bins of decor for parties and events in my private life.  We had a beach/Australian theme.  Here is my front window.


And my back yard.


We had shrimps on the Bar-B, Australian beer and wine and surfing music (cause he wants to surf while there).  I accidentally bought a $40 bottle of wine (oops)  and didn’t realize it until I got home with it.  It was very nice wine but I nearly died of apoplexy after I saw my mom-in-law pour COKE into her glass of wine!  The sweet lady is not much of a drinker!

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