I spent the whole afternoon hand sewing!

If you know me, you know I am not a fan of hand sewing (though I have to confess that the more I do it, the less I hate it.)  But, a whole afternoon and most of the evening was a bit much.  I finally had to give up when I couldn’t see any more.  I don’t have great light in my living room where I do my sewing and let’s face it, I’m middle-aged and reading glasses and dim light are not compatible.

I’ve been working on my trim.  I’m actually surprised I’ve been working on the trim today.  I would have thought that, like usual, I’d be attaching my sleeves for the 42nd time.  Miracles of miracles, the things went on easy…the FIRST TIME!  And they look pretty good! (What is that?  Is that a chorus of angels singing?)

I’ve attached some bows and beads.  There a ton more beads to go on so it could be a few more days before I get it all done.



Oooo!  And some blingy bling!

Swim suit gets out!

Shirley and I went to the beach for a relaxing Saturday afternoon.  One of the nice things about wearing a costume is getting an idea about how a person might feel in these garments.  And sometimes we learn that some of our preconceived notions are wrong.  For example, the notion that a corset is uncomfortable and regular life is impossible in it is WRONG.  My preconceived notion that a bathing suit that goes from neck to knee would be hot turned out to be incorrect.  Granted, it wasn’t one of our more blazing hot days but it was warm.  And I was not roasting alive.  I was quite comfortable.  In fact, I was more comfortable than in a bathing suit.  Sand was not in places it shouldn’t be.  I was not checking to see if the girls and behind were staying contained in the suit.  I didn’t have acres of skin cooking away in the sun.  And Shirley, after getting her suit wet, found it dried in a most cooling fashion.  Now, on with the photos.

We started out nice and dainty....

We started out nice and dainty….

I really like this one!

I really like this one!

After a little picnic lunch, we explored the rocks.

After a little picnic lunch, we explored the rocks.

Oooo, the sun...!

Oooo, the sun…!

A dip in the water.  Notice the skirt is removed.

A dip in the water. Notice the skirt is removed.

Shirley was braver than I.

Shirley was braver than I.

Time to dry off.

Time to dry off.

Until next time!

Until next time!

Just a quick blurb to let you know I’m still in the land of the living.  I was out late last night so this post is a few hours late.  I did get all of those 42 buttons and button holes done as well as the hemming.  I am now prepared to put in the 4 darts (I know that is a bit backwards but I’m trying to see if this will help with the troubles I have with pulling across the “girls”).  I also need to put in the sleeves (suspense music plays in the background….) and sew on the trim.  I’m not sure I will make the HSF deadline as I am out every night this week and I’m working every day.  Sunday is really the only time I have!

Plugging along and winning “big”

My second day of the three-day weekend has been nice.  Church in the morning.  I had lunch and a round of bingo in the afternoon with a good friend.  (If you told me 10 years ago I’d turn into a middle-aged lady that likes to play bingo I would have shuddered!  And before you organize an intervention for me, it isn’t the gambling or winning the money that is important.  It is doing something with a friend.)  I won 2 games for $100 in winnings.  That isn’t the important part but I don’t mind when it works out that way.  My friend joked that should I come to bingo immediately after church more often.  (Yes, I realize God doesn’t really work that way.)

Later on in the afternoon, I got some more sewing in while I waited for my family to return home along with some in-laws so we can hot tub it!  After a year, our broken hot tub is finally up and running (yee haa).

The sewing I was working on was my 1870’s polonaise.  I’ve decided to have 42 buttons running down the full length of it.  I haven’t decided if all the lower button holes will actually be functional but I do want them there at least decoratively.  There are some fitting issues but I decided that I should be able to button the thing shut before I start taking in the side seams and darts.  That will hopefully stop some of the issues I frequently have with gaping across the “girls”.

For all my Canadian friends, enjoy your holiday day.  I know I will.

Long weekend doin’s

It is a long weekend here in Canada.  Three days of doing my own thing!  Yeah!  For my Saturday, I have been working on my project for the Separates challenge HSF, went for lunch with my mom, went for dinner with my sister-in-law and her family, and went to see the movie “Wolverine”. Though that has been a lot of fun, none of it was photo/blog worthy!  So you get another cabinet card.SAM_1301This is a late 1880’s card, judging by her typical 1880’s frizzy bangs, the bustle and the gold print on black card.  This lady has a pretty face, a divine dress and her hat…well I want that hat!

The photographer, Edy Bro’s, seems to have been something in their day.  They held the address of 214 Dundas St. in London Ontario in 1879 until the 1920’s.


My Victorian Weekend part 3 of 3

Last Saturday evening, Victorian at Heart rode the Prairie Dog Central Train.  And here are some of our 500 photographs.SAM_1291

I’m a bit glad that we don’t have hundreds of these coal and steam trains rolling everyday!  It sure makes some pollution!


Shirley and I are waiting in the train station and we are wearing our 1880’s outfits.


Coco Worker joined us in Shirley’s 1890’s dress.


Coco took this photo.  NOT the most flattering photo of Moi but, I love the sepia look.

This train ride brings back memories.  When I was a kid I remember being thrilled by the robbers that stop the train and rob us all of our change!


The robbers took $550 for donation to a local woman’s shelter.



What a great day!  So much fun was had by all!