My robes and robing’s project thus far

It looks like my next project for the Historical Sew Fortnightly is going to be a week late.  The project is coming together nicely and easily, but I am struggling with working in the time to do it.  LIFE!

The tea gown is assembled up to the sleeves.  The collar and the bit that goes around the inside of the neck and opening (I can’t remember the name. Hey, I’m writing this in the middle of the night after being at a wedding for the last 8 hours…your lucky I remember my name!) Anyway, the collar and the opening thingy still have to go on then it is the buttons, the hem and the trim.  It is a holiday on Monday so I should manage to get it done by Monday…one week late.  No photos to show you though.  Who really wants to see a half-finished gown anyway!

The tea gown has the option of having no darts in the front and I’ve decided to do that.  I decided that for several reasons.  Reason one: I find darts annoying for some reason.  I always have to make mine bigger than the pattern because I have to size up on the front bodice pieces to compensate for the “girls” and then have to size up on the darts to compensate for the compensation…sheesh.  2) I decided that the only costume events I might choose to wear the tea gown is if I am hosting a tea for my close friends or if I am in a house museum pretending that I own the place and have invited my close friends.  In those scenarios, a loose-fitting tea gown would be appropriate.  Reason number 3 is that it is conceivable that I may have a costume event one day but I am unable to wear a corset.  Last year I had a hysterectomy and it was touch and go whether I was going to be able to stand a corset at my next event.  I was able to but just barely.  Now I will have an option if ever I need one.  (But, I don’t think I should need another hysterectomy-wink wink)  And the fourth and final reason is I thought that I’d be possibly inclined to use it as a house coat if it were loose enough.  Granted, it is a bit over the top for a house coat but I think that if people can wear pajama pants in public I can wear a Victorian tea gown in my house!

I did draw in where the darts should go so that I could quickly baste some in if I chose to use it as a day gown.  I would imagine, with the darts it was more for puttering around the house, dealing with domestic business and perhaps having tea with people who one would want to be a bit more formal with.  In that capacity, you would need a corset with it but not as tightly laced.

Enjoy your Sunday folks!


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