1901 Mourning Hat: HSF 18 Re-make, re-use, re-fashion

I took this typical modern straw hat…SAM_1359

…and I dunked it in some water for a while.  The I flattened the crown so it wasn’t sticking up so high and waited for it to dry.  Then I tried to paint it black.   But, I didn’t have enough paint so I went to the store and bought more.  Alas, it wasn’t black, it was a slate grey.  So back to a different store because I know the first didn’t have black.  That was the most drawn out part of the whole process, let me tell you!

Once the paint dried I hauled out every lace ribbon and do dad I had in black and I toyed with some ideas.  I had miles of a synthetic lace that someone gave me and decided it would do.  Starting at the brim, I hot glued the lace round and round until I reached the top.  I took a shorter bit of lace and tied it into a bow and glued that on at the curve between the brim and the crown.  Then I hot glued little black silk flowers randomly around.  This part took the least amount of time but was the most fun.SAM_1421

This black is a light sucking black so it is a bit hard to see in the photo but I think you get the idea.  So just the facts.

The Challenge: 18 

Fabric: none

Pattern: my own

Year: 1901

Notions: straw hat, synthetic lace, fabric flowers, hot glue, acrylic paint

How historically accurate is it? The synthetic lace, flowers and hot glue-well not so much. I’m not sure about the paint. The shape of the hat and being made of straw is pretty good. So 50%

Hours to complete: Including all of the driving trying to find the paint, about 6

First worn: Just for this photo

Total cost: $10 (most of that was paint).

4 thoughts on “1901 Mourning Hat: HSF 18 Re-make, re-use, re-fashion

  1. Liz says:

    Wow! It looks really nice! The layers and layers of lace are beautiful.

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Looks great!! Can’t wait to see the whole mourning costume.

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