I don’t think I like this!

I’ve been working on my bodice for my 1900 widows weeds.  This is my inspiration.


I got it from a book I borrowed from the library.  It has the pattern pieces that you have to enlarge.


It has been difficult.  I haven’t got this enlarging thing mastered. The pieces were either to big or to small.  They also lacked in instructions on how to put the thing together.  So I’m now flying by the seat of my pants…almost more of a draping exercise than an enlarging original patterns exercise.  We will see how far we get tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I don’t think I like this!

  1. cheyenek says:

    Ooh, your library had that book? My library doesn’t have any of Frances Grimble’s books… I have two of them that I bought, though. The measuring system is rather crazy. Supposedly it is to make it “convenient” and “easy” so you “don’t have to use arithmetic”. Yeah. Right. Good luck with it, because I nearly began beating my book with the yardstick I was using to mark measurements, due to extreme frustrations. The dress illustration is lovely, by the way. 😀

    • I lost their measuring system so ended up doing the math anyway. Probably why it turned out as well as it did. But the reality is, these patterns were made for women who corseted daily since childhood and weren’t as well fed as I am. The proportions are all off. Even modern patterns don’t up size well. People don’t gain weight symmetrically. That is why I like Truly Victorian. All that up-sizing is done for me and there is minimal fudging.

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