Sideburns-oh my!

Today I have a carte de visite from my collection.


At first glance you notice the dress.  My guess it is from the 1870’s.  At least the silhouette seems to be 1870’s to me.  I like that it is a paler color than many of the other photographs I have.  I also notice the flower in her hair.  I wonder if this is a wedding photo?

Upon my second glance of the photo, I noticed that this fellow has some serious sideburns!  I believe the term for these bad boys is mutton chops!


Zooming in on these photos bring in surprising details.  When I zoomed in on the dress, I discovered that the fabric has some sort of texture to it.  It makes me think of waffles.

SAM_1451 - Copy

I wasn’t able to get anything on the photographer but perhaps one of my readers might…


2 thoughts on “Sideburns-oh my!

  1. cheyenek says:

    The dress looks 1870s to me, too. It’s beautiful!
    And I’m just a little bit glad that mutton chops went out of style. Guaranteed to make ANY young man look 10+ years older! Lol

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