I wont freeze to death now!

I love capes!  They whip up so fast!  I used Truly Victorians 1890’s cape pattern TV590.  I decided against the tall collar-it looked to regal for mourning…and then I threw on some bling.  Go figure.


So for Historical Sew Fortnightly:

The Challenge: 20 Outerwear

Fabric: some mysterious, light sucking poly something, a poly something velvet, and a cotton lining.

Pattern: TV590

Year: The pattern is 1890’s but I’m using it with a 1900 dress.  Plausible.  My winter coats can last 10 years.

Notions: a fancy metal hook, a beaded ribbon and thread.

How historically accurate is it? 80%?  I’m middle-aged so I would be more worried about being warm than being au courant – especially in mourning.  It is all machine sewn but that is more than plausible for 1900.  Synthetic fibers are also plausible but I have no idea what those fibers are or when they were invented.  I did not research how hard-line they were in 1900 for types of fibers used for mourning.  The cape would perhaps be considered half mourning because of the beading. (The dress could be considered second mourning because there is some fabric trim on it.)  My hat probably needs a veil, which can be worn thrown back over the hat to make it a second mourning hat. But, some of those rules of mourning relaxed after the Queen died in 1901.  I think I will eventually add a veil but, I haven’t any in my stash now and finding a black veil material without spiders on it will be a bit of a challenge for a month or two.

Hours to complete: @10

First worn: not yet…I hope this Saturday

Total cost: Nothing.  Everything was left overs from other projects.


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