Monkey around

Last weekend, I did some volunteer work for the Costume Museum of Canada that has a temporary display set up in town.  The idea of the display was to give people the opportunity to see how events in women’s history impacted what was happening in fashion.

This volunteer day will be an excellent way for me to roll off a weeks worth of blog posts.  I will be heading out of town for a few days and may or may not have lots of time for internet usage so working ahead will be best.

Today’s post features a dresses from the 1920’s.  Definitely not my era but there are a few interesting dresses that have caught my fancy.


You know I love shiny things!



How many hours of bead work?



I’m not fond of the color of the next dress.



But, I love the necklace (and I will make a copy of it one day) and I love the bead work.



I find the next dress shocking.



Don’t you think that fury nonsense around the neck and arms would tickle?  And I don’t even want to think how it would make you look like you haven’t seen the sharp edge of a shaver in years!



The grizzly thing is, that hair is orangutan.  Poor little monkey (insert sad face here).

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