SR Harris…aka Heaven…

While in Minneapolis I made a car load of women drive over a half hour on unfamiliar streets through a town that is 15 times the size of our city so that I could see Heaven On Earth.  Heaven on earth is SR Harris Fabric Outlet Store the size of a mega supermarket.  Shelves of the stuff towering over my head.  Sigh.


Look at how happy I am!


The best part was the silk at 50% off!  And 50% off of a price that is already lower than what I can get in Canada!  And so much selection.



I really wanted that blue one in the middle (it had pretty little flowers embroidered on it) but there wasn’t enough to make a dress out of and I hadn’t any ideas for a smaller project I could use it for.  I ended up with this plaid.  I’ve been thinking it is time to try tackling a plaid pattern.  I’m a bit worried that I wont have enough to try pattern matching.  But, I have seen examples from the time, where pattern matching didn’t happen for the same reason (not enough material) or from mistakes made by the seamstress.



The lace and buttons were cheap like borscht.  And very different from what I can get here.  Now I have to decide what to make with this.  I think I want 1860’s but I’m not exactly sure what style.  I have a few projects to get off the ground first so I have time to stew on it a bit and then take the plunge.

Most of my projects have been poly blends and fairly inexpensive.  I have some anxiety about actually taking scissors to real silk and then eventually wearing it and possibly ruining it.  (Bites nails)  But, I’m hoping to drag my husband back there one day on a vacation so I have to prove to myself and him that there is actually a need to go back there!

If you are in Minneapolis, I would highly recommend it to you!



2 thoughts on “SR Harris…aka Heaven…

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