Wee Willy

As you may recall, I once bought a few pages that had been torn out of an album for carte de visites (and we all cringed in horror).  I will share one page that had two photos in it.  One side was a young lady and the other a young boy.  I don’t usually buy photos of men and children but I wanted the young lady photo.  SAM_1494This young fella looks to be 4 or 5.

Once I pulled the photos out of the book page, I found the young boy quite interesting.SAM_1496

The above photo shows it out of the page.  Then I flipped the photo over.SAM_1497There is this lovely photographers stamp.  A quick search of the name had me hit this blog post. The post featured another photograph from Ford and according to research done by this blogger, Ford was a photographer in Belleville Ontario from 1879-84. I love it when all my work is done for me!

But, the exciting thing is obviously the name at the bottom.SAM_1498

I googled the name William Vanderwood with the assumption that William was his legal name and Willie was his pet name.  I got a hit on ancestry.ca saying 

William Gilbert Vanderwood Born on Wednesday, December 1, 1875 in Prince Edward, Ontario.

The map bellow is from this travel site. The map is of an area in Prince Edward Ontario County.  And look what city is in it.  Belleville, where the photo was taken.

So I think I have the right Willie.  If Willie was born in 1875, he would have been 4 or 5 in 1879-80.  This fits with the dates I found for the photographer working in Belleville. Without a membership, I can’t get to far into Ancestry.ca but I think Willie’s Dad was named William Edgar Fisk Vanderwood and his Mom was named Mahelable Vanderwood.

That was a fun bit of research on a photo that I wasn’t that interested in possessing in the first place!

Now, with this blog post done, I’m going to explore the blog I found during my research….Noozeum’s Material Culture.

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