Time to try some pinned ideas

I’ve had a relaxing weekend and I spent it lounging on the couch with wool in my lap.  A perfect state to be when it is -42 with the wind chill!  I had a ball of wool and didn’t know what to do with it so I went to Pintrest and re-found some instructions for the crocodile stitch. SAM_1622It started out as a scarf but it seems to wide for that. I think now it will be a purse.  Trouble with that is I was trying to use up some left over wool…now I have to look around my stash and see if I have more of this (not too much hope of that) or try to find more of it in the store.  This will break my rule of “buying no more wool until I use up what I have”.  I will have to enact my “unless I need it to make or complete a specific project” clause.  It is a fun stitch but it sure uses up a lot of wool.  I was thinking it would make a fun stuffed reptile or dinosaur and that could help me un-stash some of my wool suplies.  But because of the holes, the stuffing would need to be covered in fabric.  I will be in a craft sale next year helping a friend so may be I can get enough of these made to have my own little section on her table.

A final random thought: I think my new years resolution could be to look a my boards on Pintrest and see if I can use what I have been pinning.  What is the point of having another pile of project ideas (like my huge box of paper ones in the basement) if I am never going to use them!  Cyber hording!



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