If I can get myself going…

My next project is to be a mantle for my 1870’s gown.

I think this might be my favorite photo of myself in this photo shoot.

I didn’t need a mantle for this shoot.  I was a tad hot as it was.

And I plan on using TV501 from Truly Victorian and some leftover material from the dress.

Ideally, I’d like to make it reversible so that sometimes it can match the purple and sometimes the green.  That is all dependant on if I can get it to do that without destroying any resemblance to accuracy (I haven’t actually read the pattern yet to see if it is possible or done the research to see if it is plausible) and if I have enough of the fabric left over to pull it off.

But, the real challenge is getting my butt into gear.  Maybe if there was some inspiration….

Nope, not yet.  Sigh.  Oh, for a few days with nothing else to do and tons of energy and drive!


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