Well, that isn’t gonna work out

For my final project of the year, I was planning on making a matching mantle for my 1873 Polonaise gown.  I had the pattern and I had the left over fabric.  Yesterday, morning I pulled out the pattern and began to read the instructions and then I pulled out the leftover material so I could cut it out.  Well, it seems I didn’t have nearly as much as I thought I did.  In fact I was short by at least 6 meters!

I hopped into the car and drove to the fabric store.  Every time I have been there, I have seen the bolts of fabric unsold, just sitting there.  Months, they have been sitting there.  But, now that I need them…gone.  So my plans for a “matchy-matchy” mantle are out the window.  Oh well it isn’t reasonable to assume that the mantle would match.  Most folks couldn’t/wouldn’t have a matching mantle for every outfit.

If I can’t make it match, I decided I would find another fabric that “goes” with the dress.  As you recall, I have my usual criteria: it can’t be expensive so it will likely be at least partially synthetic and hopefully on sale. (And hopefully looks reasonably believable as a historic fabric.) So now I needed a fabric that was inexpensive, believable as a historic fabric and “goes” with my dress.

Every time I found a fabric that was the right color, looked believable to my eyes and reasonable to my wallet, I discovered that there wasn’t enough of it.  I had 3 different fabrics at the table.  3! Not enough, not enough, not enough.

Well, my modern day coat doesn’t “go” with all my outfits either.  So I just went with a fabric that I liked and color be danged!SAM_1625


I went with this blue fabric.  I have laid scraps of the green from my skirt and the purple from the bodice underneath it.  The photo doesn’t show the color well but the blue and the green doesn’t look horrible together and that is what would show when I am wearing the mantle.  The blue and purple is a bit icky together though.

Alas, who knows what other dresses I’ll make in the future…the mantle may “go” just fine with them.


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