My Computer Christmas…

I have to admit I’ve been attached to my computer quite a bit this Christmas.  That sounds a bit terrible but not really.  On Christmas Day, after gifts and before dinner, we used the computer to talk to my oldest boy who is on the other side of the world doing some travelling.  Seeing him moving and looking me in the eye and talking to me (even if his nose was all scuffed up from a swimming accident) took the sting of not having him with us opening gifts.

For Boxing Day, we have traditionally kept things very quiet, each pursuing hobbies that regular life keeps us from.  When the kids were little we called it “No Rules Day”.  One day in the Christmas holidays (often Boxing Day), we’d spend the day in our pj’s, doing exactly what we wanted.  When they were little, I told them how much TV, video games and sugar they were allowed and how many vegetables they must have and when they must have them.  On no rules day we could eat cake for breakfast and sit in front of the TV until our bums ached.  This “No Rules Day” I sat in front of my computer with my knitting in my hand and I watched one episode after another of the Victorian tale Lark Rise to Candleford.    It isn’t for the action adventure lover but I like it.  The people are all nice people who I’d like to get to know if they are real.  I got the tip from another blogger, but I can’t recall who.  Who ever she is “Thanks for the tip!”



2 thoughts on “My Computer Christmas…

  1. It was mee!!! and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Happy boxing day!

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