7 meters of fringe

I’ve been madly sewing 7 meters of fringe on to my latest project.  Hand sewing.  You know I “love” that.  I hope to have the project done by New Years and structurally speaking, that is very doable.  But, all that trim is making it a bit of a challenge to say the least.  Add to that, I have a work project I need to get done by New Years as well.

I have nothing done to show you today so I will show you one of my Christmas gifts from my costuming buddy, Shirley.  Shirley gave me some cabinet cards.  Two are very unique to my collection as they are of the same woman but 10 years apart.



I love her large pin and the military inspired trim on her bodice.



She is wearing a smaller pin for this picture as well as massive mutton sleeves of a brocade material.  I also like the pleating done in her bodice.

I was looking at her hair.  It is similar between the two decades but different as well.  In the 80’s photo she has the back of her hair pulled back tightly and the bangs are wildly curly.  In the 90’s she has tamed the curls and loosened the bun in the back.



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