To be 18 again

I’m not feeling to wordy today.  In fact I feel a bit of a cold coming on.  So lets go with a picture that speaks a thousand words.  This particular one is a tin type of a young girl.  Judging by the clothes and hair I’d guess this to be late 1870’s or early 1880’s.SAM_1633

She seems a bit sad to me.  It seem more than the usual serious face…she seems sad.  But, she is very pretty.  I’d guess her to be about 18.

I like her bodice.  It seems to have a faux jacket look with some lapels on it.  The lapels have a pleated trim on them that I really like.  It looks like the bodice is closed with lots of self covered buttons.

Her hair really suits her face but I can’t figure out what she has done.  Obviously there are heavy bangs and the sides are pulled tightly back.  What is going on at top?  There are two lighter colored things.  I think the one on the left is her scalp showing through a part in her hair.  What is the other thing?  Is it a pin holding a wave of hair in place?

For someone who is not feeling wordy, I’m getting wordy.  I think I should call it a day.


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