They fight like children!

One of my “duties as assigned” at work is pet care.  We currently have 5 birds and 1 geriatric rabbit that I look after.  Two of the birds fight like children.  (Neither will seriously harm the other but it can’t be relaxing to always be in competition!) I have to give them two food dishes or they fight.  But, I’ve noticed that they also fought over their little tent.  And the darn thing was ratty and full of holes.  I decided that if two food dishes keep them from fighting over the food then two tents should keep them from fighting over that.  It was that or simply remove the thing.  But I didn’t have the heart to.  They like it!

That being said, I’m not going to run out and pay tons of money for two things that are essentially  tubes of fabric!  My fabric tub runneth over after all.  I think I can spare some scraps and a few minutes of sewing.  I give you “matching bird tents”.SAM_1681

The red rings on the one on the left are for attaching the clips that attach to the roof of the cage.  The one on the right doesn’t have its rings attached.  Once I got to work yesterday, I removed the ratty tent from the cage and hacked the rings off of it and sewed them onto the unfinished one.  I hung them in the cage and I put some of their favorite treat inside of them.  I’m hoping that after a day or two of looking at them and realizing the old one is gone and the new ones wont eat them, the birds will like them and use them.  If they actually take to them, I will try to get a photo with my phone and share it with you.


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