HSF ’14:Challenge 2 Innovation

I have completed (more or less) my submission for the Innovation Challenge in the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge.  I will preface my submission by saying that I have very little knowledge about dresses pre-Victorian Era so I can’t say that this is truly an innovation.  It is very possible that this is merely a trend.

But, from what I have been able to find on-line it seems that in the 1860’s women’s skirts went from being huge pleated rectangles to being several gored panels.  They also moved from the round hoops of the 50’s to the oval hoops that moved the bulk of the skirt to the back.  Two sources I found with this information are here and here.

I give you my gored elliptical 1865 Silky Skies Skirt.  SAM_1686

I think I did a pretty good job of pattern matching.


I have not hemmed it yet.  That will have to wait until I have 1) decided on what shoes I’ll be wearing with this and 2) completed the hoops for this dress (to be done for the “Under it all” challenge.



When I get to the hemming, I will iron this puppy (visions of scorching real silk are now dancing through my head….tremble!)

The Challenge: 2 Innovation

Fabric: silk

Pattern: TV247

Year: 1865

Notions: thread, hook and eye

How historically accurate is it? Fabric content (for a change) is good. I used real silk rather than a synthetic one.   I think the color and pattern is pretty good on the fabric as well.  Machine sewing was possible but modern machines sew differently than a machine from the 1860’s I believe.  The pattern is accurate. I’d say 85%

Hours to complete: @12

First worn: not yet

Total cost: @$50

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