One of the things that people love or hate about Steampunk is the wearing of the corset on the outside of the clothes.  Some people love it, think it is sexy, feel it symbolizes what Steampunk is-Victorian era turned inside out.  Others say, just because a Victorian woman has access to crazy gadgets in the Steampunk world, does not mean she’d throw out decorum and wear her undies on the outside.

If I have no plans in the future to step into that genre why bring it up here?  Because Steampunk is exactly what I think of when I see this cabinet card!

SAM_1694This lady has, what appears to be, a velvet corset over her bodice.  I’m sure it is part of the actual bodice or it is just a corselet (which is like a fat belt).  I think it is actually part of the dress because the fabric matches the lower portion of the sleeves.  I don’t know if it because of the backdrops or the length of the skirt or the dark fabric cutting her off at the waist but she appears extremely short!

Who ever she is, she did end up as someones mother.  Based on the hair I’ll guess this card is from the 1880’s.SAM_1695


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