Mexico Party

A couple of weeks ago, we held a Mexico party at the nursing home I work in.  It was a raging success if I do say so myself.  (And was a wonderful build up for my vacation.  I actually started to feel excited after the party!) We decorated for the event with paper banners made in craft group (seen in the background of the photo below).  We covered the tables with red, green and white table cloths (the colors of the flag) and we had hats and maracas as center pieces.  Those were later worn by the seniors for photo ops.  We had a very lively band to play beach/party/Mexican music.

I think the ice-cream dessert we served was a smash hit as well…folks asked for our recipe!  We served vanilla ice-cream with pina colada mix poured on top.  Since both things are white, we decided to add some green food coloring to the pina colada mix (keeping with the flag colors) so there would be a contrast.  No left overs with that treat.  We staff persons dressed up.  I dressed as a senora.  Copy of DSCF1132

It was a pretty easy costume.  I found the shoes and skirt at a second-hand store.  I rummaged in my stash and found green and  red ribbons to add to the skirt (still keeping with the flag colors).  I dug my super over the top fan out of my accessories box and I tied a bunch of silk roses together for the head piece.  Then I stomped around and waved my fan like a Mexican dancer for over an hour.  Gads my feet and knees were sore after that!  But it was worth it!  Good times!  Good times!


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