Table cloth to cape: vision stage

As you may recall, I recently scored a table cloth at a thrift shop.  My mind instantly saw it as something else.SAM_1675

But, I certainly don’t want to look like I’m wearing a table cloth!  That is so gauche!  Scarlet O’Hara might get away with wearing a curtain but I doubt I can pull off a massive doily!

So how to hide its table clothiness?  (Yes, I just made up a new word…just go with it.) I’d like this...

44.24.4…but, the instant I cut it into the correct shape, it will, obviously, unravel.

So there needs to be some sewing to hide and support any cutting I decide to do.  I like the lacy look of this cape as well as the ribbons.

C.I.65.40_F2The above cape appears to be knit or crochet.

I’m also rather fond of the color scheme of this cape.  Am I too old to pull it off? Meh, who cares…Pink challenge, here I come!C.I.45.68.36_F2

And I like the many textures of this one.


I don’t care for all the fluffies at the neck though.  I wonder if I can pull off what I have in mind.  I may have to tap the hive mind for their thoughts on if it is plausible for any Victorian era once it is done.  I’m hoping that I get a range of 1860’s to 1880’s-may be all the way up to the 90’s.

The hive mind over at Historical Sew Fortnightly Facebook was able to find that the pineapple stitch (the main stitch in this table cloth) was around at least in the 1880’s for lace.  And the love of pineapples was around considerably longer so I might not be to bad off.  I may make serious reenactors and museum curators cringe but it will be good enough for my group.  (If it is plausible from a distance and if we can articulate where we have taken creative and/or financial licence then it is a go.  We do not advertise ourselves as experts.)



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