An unwanted souvenir from Mexico

I had hoped my post for today would be my finished entry for HSF’s pink challenge.  I had a good start on it before my trip and figured I’d finish it with the two solid days I knew I had after my trip for the hand sewing.  But, I came home with a terrible head cold that drained me of all energy  (walking from the bed to the couch is exhausting) and I didn’t do anything more with the project than look longingly at it from afar (in a horizontal position).

I am feeling somewhat better today so a day of sitting and hand sewing might be just what the doctor ordered and I may have something to show tomorrow.  Alas, I will be a day late with the challenge but I must remind the anal side of myself that these deadlines are meant to be encouragements and not damning whips of guilt and shame.

On the upside, this weekend is a long weekend here in Manitoba so all of the other things I’m meant to do on a free Saturday (errands and such) can be done on Monday (assuming I will continue to improve as the weekend rolls on.) I must remember to do a post on the focus of this holiday….


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