Harry and Nell

This is the last cabinet card in my collection (me thinks I need to go shopping again).  Judging by the clothes and hair, I’d say this is an 1880’s photograph.SAM_1699Sorry for the glare on poor Harry, it really is a challenge to get good photos of these cards.  So, the man is labelled as Harry Coleman and the woman is labelled as Nel Mc Creary. The first thing I did was Google the names.  My first hit was the eBay page where I bought the card.  No help there.  The next one was a family tree site.  And lo and behold I see my exact card plus a photo of another woman named Cora.   (A sister perhaps?)

The site states that Nel (Nellie) “had two brothers: Kim and Walter, and three sisters named May, Nellie, and Maude.”  I think that was possibly a typo and they meant to say Cora instead of Nellie.

I’m guessing that Nel is posing for a wedding photo with Harry.  I like her dress.  The pleats on the bottom look like they are slashes made into the fabric and then another square of fabric is sewn on to each slash to create the pleat and finish the edges.  I haven’t figured out the hem yet.  I like the lace on the sleeves and the smocking (?) on the waist.  I can’t decide if the ribbons and lace on the neck is too much.  I don’t like the smocking at the side opening.  I do like the side openings on dresses.  They really do solve my problem of the girls trying to escape.


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