HSF 14: #5 Bodice (sorta)

My elliptical hoops took so long to make that I lost a lot of time for the next challenge: the bodice.  I had one week to make the due date which was yesterday.  But, there were obstacles.  The biggest one?  My boss would not have been sympathetic if I missed a day or two for sewing. (We should be given sewing days AND sick days).

For that reason, I’ve had to adjust my goal a bit.  My submission for the challenge is my mock up for my bodice.SAM_1983

I think it fits pretty good: fitted but with enough ease to leave room for all the other layers that still need to be attached.  SAM_1984

I wont see this submission as a loss because the reason I needed to do a mock up in the first place (I never do them-I know, I’m bad) is because I’ve lost some weight and I was going to need a different combo of pattern pieces (if you work with Truly Victorian patterns, you know what I mean).  I didn’t want to start hacking into my real silk (another thing I rarely do-I usually use poly blends because of cost) without knowing if I could make it fit.  I’m going to use the mock up for my lining.

The Challenge: 5 Bodice

Fabric: cotton broad cloth

Pattern: TV443

Year: 1861

Notions: thread

How historically accurate is it? Pretty high actually 95%.  The fiber content is good and I think the materials and colors are appropriate for what I intended for the dress (and afternoon or day dress).  The machine sewing is plausible.  The fact that I made a mock up at all is more authentic than usual for me.

Hours to complete: 6

First worn: not yet

Total cost: $0 all stash.

4 thoughts on “HSF 14: #5 Bodice (sorta)

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I’m rooting for you- this will be sharp!

  2. historyseamstress says:

    Creepy head 😀

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