Trudy on guard

Have a look at the photo I posted yesterday.SAM_1983

This is my dress form, Trudy, sitting in my living room window.  She is standing there because the hoops she is wearing are too big to keep her in her usual places.  She usually sits in my walk in closet (when not in use) and some times she sits in my bedroom in the corner when I’m working on something.  No one sees her there except my husband who has gotten used to seeing her in the closet or lurking in the corner of the bedroom.

With this current ensemble, she is too big for her usual spots and so the living room is the safest place where no night-time wanderers will be tripping over her or crashing into her.  She is a bit creepy standing in the window, but unbeknownst to me, she has been creating a stir with the neighbors.  One neighbor confesses to waving to her and being freaked out by the way she just stood there…staring! The thought of it is simply hilarious to me.  Oh Trudy, she stands on guard for me!

4 thoughts on “Trudy on guard

  1. Amelia says:

    When I lived with my Dad and brother, my sewing space was the living room right up the stairs. Several times they asked me to move my fully-dressed dressform because it startled them when they came upstairs in the dark! Naturally I started putting it in places they would be startled more!

    • Lol! That is funny! One time I had her at the foot of our bed (she was in a big dress that wouldn’t fit in the corner) My hubby comes to bed later than I do and is usually very quiet. This one night I was awakened to the sound of him yelling and some crashing around. He had collided with Trudy who scared the poo poo out of him and he had commenced wrestling with the intruder until he realized she was strangely cold and unresponsive. Now I’m having evil thoughts of putting her behind the shower curtain…..

  2. Lol! Ah to be a fly on the wall!

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