Sleevils assembled

I’ve got my sleeves built and they are pinned to the dress waiting for me to attach them. (No progress photos)  Not gonna happen until this weekend I think.

I am so pleased with myself. My last two attempts at making sleeves have gone fairly smoothly.  The trick has been to label all my pieces every step of the way.  Once I’ve cut out my pieces, I place a pin on each piece, marking what is the correct side (if it is not obvious to the eye).  I do this before I completely separate them from the pattern piece.  When the wrong side looks the same as the right side, I can end up with two right-handed sleeves if I don’t carefully mark them!  Yup I’ve done that.  Only to fix it and end up with two left sleeves.  (Just kidding. But I did sew one seam with the wrist of one piece neatly lined up to the arm pit of the other one.)

Once the inner and outer sleeves are sewn I try them on (with the seams of the fashion fabric in and the seams of the lining fabric out).  Then I label those as right and left.  If I don’t do that, I end up with a right sleeve sewn to a left sleeve lining.  Arg!  Done that too…to both sleeves.  I’ve also sewn the lining to the sleeve and ended up with the seam of the lining NOT in between the two layers but on the side that would be next to my arm because I didn’t have one of the layers flipped properly.

Then more trying on and pinning and trying on again so the elbows of the sleeve and the sleeve lining are pointing in the same direction before I sew them together at the wrist.  One more try on before basting the top of the sleeve  together.  Can you believe I once sewed a sleeve on, only to discover that the lining had twisted completely around and I couldn’t get my arm in?  The last try on is to make sure I haven’t done that again.

All the marking, trying, and testing is a direct result of LEARNING THE HARD WAY! And this tutorial would have been way better with pictures…. May be I will re write it on my next dress and take photos.

2 thoughts on “Sleevils assembled

  1. valarielynn says:

    Sleevils are the bane of my existence. Considering how many of us have exactly the same problems, I wonder if its not us, but them.

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