They are truly evil

I was so sure those darn sleeves were gonna be a snap to finish.  Just sew them in right?  I sewed them in and started on the button holes so that today I could just sew on the buttons and trim and I’d be done.  I got it all done with time to spare.  But then I took a good look at those dumb sleeves.SAM_1985

They are way to wide! Once they have an arm in them, they balloon up to mutton sleeves which is not the look I was going for.

A whole lotta work had to be done to rip those massive puppies all apart and cut about 4 inches off of the sides to bring them down to size.  And honestly, they are still to big but you know I don’t care anymore. I just don’t know what went wrong.  I’ve never had this problem with a Truly Victorian pattern before.
SAM_1987That is a bit more reasonable.  No one will mistake them for mutton sleeves now.

As well as the sleeves, I got the button holes done and that implies that I got the lining done too. SAM_1986Today will be trims and buttons while I sit in a small town cafe ALL DAY waiting for my dog to get her dental work done.  (Don’t get me going on the cost of using a city vet for getting my canines canines cleaned.)

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