HSF 14: challenge 6 Fairy Tale

When I started the Historical Sew Fortnightly last year I made 4 goals. 1) try to have a submission for every challenge-which I did. 2) don’t make or spend a lot of time on something that really wasn’t wanted or needed. Try to make the challenges bend into something I was planning any way-which I was good at.  3) try to use as much of my stash as possible.  And 4) try something new each time.  I always did.  Usually, it was just a new pattern. Those goals were useful for me so I carried them over.

I had an idea for the fairy tale challenge.  I was going to make an outfit from my son’s web comic but I really wasn’t that excited about it.  It missed the mark in several ways.  It missed goal 4 (try something new) because I would have used patterns I’ve used before and it would have been in colors and fabrics I used before. It missed goal 3 (use stash) because I would have had to buy all the fabrics.  And it missed goal 2 (don’t make something I don’t need). The patterns I would have used would have been from the 1890’s, which I have a lot of.  It would have also created a brown day type wear outfit, which I already have. (That is it on the right.)299931_309657815804742_863642331_n

In fact, I would have used the same shirtwaist from the previous outfit.  Perhaps if I was in some sort of re-enactment group where I needed to be in a costume all day/everyday for several days in a row, variations on a theme would be useful but not for random outings through out the summer.

So in the interest of saving time (and money) so I can work on things I do want and need, I did a soft entry for this challenge.  It is a nod to the Princess and the Pea.

The base is fancy and symbolizes a crown and the green beads symbolize the pea.

The base is fancy and symbolizes a crown and the green beads symbolize the pea.

Sorry for the blurry photo. It looked fine on the small screen of the camera.  You get the idea.

The Challenge: 6 fairy tales

Fabric: none

Pattern: self drafted

Year: any time

Notions: earring hooks, beads, bead heads, beading pins and the foundation finding

How historically accurate is it? 0% No attempt was made at accuracy.  It is plausible and small enough that it wont crack camera lenses or send other hobbyists into fits of rage or angst.

Hours to complete: half an hour

First worn: for the blurry photo.  Don’t want to put it on again to re shoot!

Total cost: $15 (with a lot of left over parts that ended up in my beading stash)

I did use up some of the purchases for some modern day earrings which will get used and were somewhat needed/wanted.

SAM_1989If I want to go all matchy matchy, I could wear the pair on the right with my Silky Skies Dress.


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