Swinging from one project to the next

I’ve made some good progress on my Silky Skies bodice.  I’ve got all the buttons done and the trim sewn on (that was hours and hours of hand sewing). All that is left is to finish the seam binding on one arm hole (and then stick to sensible eating so that I don’t grow out of a bodice that really is pretty tight already).

SAM_0003When I’ve been bored with all the hand sewing, I have been working ahead on the black and white project.  It will be a snood.  SAM_0004

I’ve  been making the pattern up as I go along and I’ve made some changes until I have now got a system that seems to work.  I think no one will be able to tell that the beginning rows are not strictly like the rows that are further along.  Technically, the black color may be a bit off.  From what I’ve been reading, it seems that they tended to match the hair color with the snoods and I have brown hair not black.  I guess black on brown wouldn’t have been completely impossible.  There wouldn’t have been a wide variety of threads to choose from in 1860 Manitoba.  The thread is also pretty thick but was the thinnest I could find here.  If I’m having that problem now a days, it could have been a problem back then as well.



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