HSF 14: 7 Tops and Toes

It is done early! Yeah me! I made a hat for my Silky Skies Dress.

Right side.

Right side.

As you can see, I’ve decided to take some of the elements from this hat:

1865 hat

1865 hat

Left Side

Left Side

I took the shape from this hat:



Back view.

Back view.

I took the smaller size from this hat:

1867-69 hat

1867-69 hat

Front view.

Front view.

The Challenge: #7 Tops and toes

Fabric: Buckram, poly somethings

Pattern: self drafted

Year: 1865-69

Notions: laces, tassels, ribbons, corded piping, cord, wire (hangers), hot glue.

How historically accurate is it? Not very.  May be 15%. The materials are very modern and as I have no real idea of hat building techniques I had to make stuff up.  I’m fairly certain that did not include hangers and hot glue.

Hours to complete: 7

First worn: not yet

Total cost: most of the fabric came from my stash.  I did have to buy buckram and trims so about $40

In spite of the low accuracy, I’m pleased with how this hat turned out.  It could have been a smidge bigger but I’m still pleased.


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