Now why did I buy that?

I had just finished a quick project (I’ll show you that in a second) and had gone to my pile of future projects that I have neatly cued up in order of deadlines.  I stood there staring blankly at the HUGE pile of black broad cloth with no clue as to when or why I had all this fabric.  There was more than enough to make one adult and one child mourning gown but I had no plans to do that.

photo 1It is a good thing I didn’t go with the mourning gown idea and start chopping because I did eventually remember what I was going to do with all of this.  I’m making 12 square table clothes for an event at work.  The material is not mine.  My work will be paying me back for that!  Thus far, I now have them ripped into a dozen squares and two have been hemmed. I have to get going on that as I have two dead lines that are fairly close to one another (this one) and a Victorian fashion show at my church and I want to whip up a few accessories and petticoats for that.  It is doable if I don’t waste a lot of time with “I don’t feel like it today” and if I keep them simple bordering on down and dirty.

The project that I finished prior to starting this work one is this:

photo 2It was made from this hat that I got at a thrift store.SAM_1676

And it is made for this dress:403893

The bright blue of the hat I have been using seems to clash with the deep dark red of the dress.  I know that blue and red “go” but this blue is too festive.  The red on the hat is pretty bright and festive too but at least it is red.

I’ve submitted this hat as a second entry into HSF’s challenge 7

The Challenge:7 Tops and Toes

Fabric: None


Year: 1880s

Notions: straw hat, feathers, buttons, ribbons, hot glue

How historically accurate is it? Shape and straw hat is good. Feathers are not bad except they were backed with a weird plastic (I ripped them off of a mardis gras mask that was falling apart) One ribbon was synthetic. Buttons were plastic. Hot glue is a no no so I’d say 40-50%

Hours to complete: 2

First worn: for photo

Total cost: the hat was cheap (about $4) the rest is stash.



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