Sweet little Granny

A quick post after a long Easter weekend with a headache.  (Insert grumpy face here).  I got a couple of new carte de vistite and today I’ll show you a sweet little Granny.  She is so cute I just want to grab a pot a tea and have a jolly old visit with her!

SAM_2039She looks like she’s be 4 feet tall and kind to boot.  Her dress is interesting.  There appears to be a bustle.  There are some beads at the bottom of the bodice and cuff of the sleeve.  And that hat!  It is loaded with ribbons and lace.   Across the front of the dress there is a fold and the bodice seems a bit too big.  I like to imagine that this is a best dress that stayed safe in the cedar chest until special events call for it to be brought out.  Perhaps she has lost a pound or two in the mean time.

According to this site, the photographer was working in 1892.  Bustles were a feature of the 70’s and 80’s, 10-20 years earlier than this known date.  It would not be unheard of for a woman to have a best dress for 10 or more years if she were not a woman of means.  This would be even more likely the case if she were an older woman like our Granny here.  She would feel more comfortable in the styles of the past and not in what the younger girls were wearing.



2 thoughts on “Sweet little Granny

  1. Val LaBore says:

    Those beads most likely are attached to a watch. In my research for my class on Watches & Watch Chains; A Necessary Ladies Accessory, I’m finding women wore watches a LOT more than we thought, or even consider adding as one of our accessories. These were mostly large ones and would often hang by a 54″ chain and be tucked under a belt or waistband, and later tucked into a watch pocket either in the skirt or the bodice. At one time they even sewed contrasting little watch pockets of lace or crochet to the bottom of the outside of the bodice. Most were chains but I’ve found some with beads too. I figured out the tiny little watch I’d wear with a little pin on the top or bottom of my bodice was all wrong except for the late 1890s-1900. :O A fascinating research project for sure. I love finding old photos now. 🙂

    • I was fairly sure it was a watch and I have always worn a watch (or at least a fake one) with my outfits. I wasn’t convinced that the chain was in fact a metal chain. It hangs funny for that. And when I super zoom it on my computer, it looks more like cording. Now you have me wondering if it wasn’t an elaborate beaded chain. I’ll have to go back and super zoom it again. Could be another project for me to tackle…..Thanks!

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