Busy Day

I had a busy day yesterday.  I cleaned up my house a bit before the models came for a Victorian fashion show fitting.  I am presenting a fashion show at my church next week and I needed to figure who was wearing what (and how many pins I’d need to keep these slim girls from drowning in my clothes!)

I also took some time to start whipping up a few new petticoats.  I have one petticoat that I wear for multiple outfits but this isn’t going to work if I have multiple outfits being worn at the same time!  The two I finished are some down and dirty cheats for sure.  I bought a huge bed sheet and I cut it in half and sewed the two sides together to make a tube.  Then I turned down the cut edges and sewed them up and ran ribbon through those.  I used the hem of the sheet (one of which was lacy) as the hem of the petticoat.  SAM_2045

Not to shabby a day of work and I rewarded myself with dinner and venting followed by some casino time with a pal.

Today, after church and some family time, I have to get my script written up for the fashion show and solicit some help for the show from my Victorian Pal, Shirley. I also need to finish the petticoat for my fashion show outfit.  It is going to be a bit more labor intensive as it needs to fit over an elliptical hoop.


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