Just look at all that bling!

I have a cabinet card that is likely from the 1900-10’s.SAM_2049The reason I am saying that it is likely that era is the baggy pigeon front bodice.    The thing that caught my eye in this photo is all the lovely ruched trim on the front of the bodice…it is everywhere!

When I got this photo home, I noticed how much bling this lady is wearing.  She had a choker like necklace at her throat.  There is a bar pin under that.  Then there seems to be a chain hanging beneath the little bow on her chest.  I’m guessing that is a watch.  She has bracelets on each arm and a ring on her finger.

For the most part, I like this dress but I think I’d pass on the pom-pom like things on the skirt.  The big ol’ bow on the back of her head is not doin’ it for me either.  To young-looking for me and her.  She does have a very handsome face and figure.

A very quick Google search on the photographer didn’t lead very far other than telling this Canadian that Blackburn is in England, North of Manchester.


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