HSF 14: Challenge #9 Black and White

I’m still rollin’ and finishing ahead of schedule!  I completed the 9th challenge of Historical Sew Fortnightly! For the black and white challenge I decided to make a snood to go with my 1860’s silky skies dress.  (Not on time for its inaugural wearing, alas.)



Okay, I know, you can’t actually see anything in this photo.  I just kind of liked it in an artistic sense.  Lets try this photo.SAM_2065

Just the facts ma’am:

The Challenge: 9 black and white

Fabric: none

Pattern: self drafted 

Year: 1860’s

Notions: cotton crochet thread, plastic pearl beads

How historically accurate is it? Hmmm.  Good question.  I know that they tended to have dark thread with dark hair but would brunettes use black or brown? According to the Met they did use beads.  Probably not plastic ones though. Would they have crocheted it?  With such thick strands?  I do believe it is plausible that a woman who knows how to crochet might have come up with something like this.  I have no idea if I have the right size  for my amount of hair and I have no idea if I am wearing it right. Should it go up higher on the head?  There is enough of it that I could wear it that way if I decide that is the way to go. I guess I could also argue that the snood was worn over a hair style to enhance and to protect it so it would be worn in such a way that would protect and not damage the style. So how it was worn was dependant on how the hair was worn.

Hours to complete: Lots…may be 50

First worn: for the photo

Total cost: I think the thread was about $7 and the beads were about $3.

2 thoughts on “HSF 14: Challenge #9 Black and White

  1. Tracey says:

    I love it and I want one. Maybe I’ll make one in gold to go with my crown!

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