Oh, this is going to be a busy month

It has been a retched month already for being over worked and busy.  There really hasn’t been time for sewing.  On Saturday, I had to work in the morning (which is not usual for me).  We were doing gardening and planting flowers (gosh, I hate manual labor).  I had every intention of coming home at noon, making lunch and sewing madly.  Nope.  I got home, had a bath, ate leftovers, had a nap and then moved to the couch and didn’t move.

One thing about gardening is it does make you aware of the plant life around you.  In my walk from my car to the house, I did notice that my yard is exploding with the joy of spring.  I snapped a couple of photos and then after my nap I played around with my photo filter app.  I give you my yard:

My pine tree has these purple "flowers" on them.

My pine tree has these purple “flowers” on them.

I used a filter that I hoped would give the glorious illusion of a heavenly beam of light.  Looks more like my tree is under water!

Impressionist Irises

Impressionist Irises

I’d hang that one on my wall.

Bye for now.  Enjoy your Sunday.  I hope I have some sewing to show you tomorrow!

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