HSF 14: Challenge 10: Art

I’m a bit late for this but here goes.  I’ve decided to combine challenges 10 and 11 and do a copy of this painting…

Queen Victoria 1840 John Partridge

Queen Victoria 1840 John Partridge

…for the art challenge and the politics of fashion challenge.

For the art portion, I will submit the head portion of this painting.

photo (2)

The head band is a bit tight and I think I shall have to get a longer chain, but the look is right.  Then for some fun I used my paint program.


And then my photo filter program.


The extent of my sewing was the lappets or cap.

The Challenge: 10 Art.

Painting: Queen Victoria 1840 by John Partridge

Fabric: Sheer Poly something or other.

Pattern: Self Drafted

Year: 1830-40

Notions: White fringe, chain, broach.

How historically accurate is it? Everything is synthetic or fake.  Machine sewn.  Shape is about right 30%.

Hours to complete: 2 hours

First worn: For photo

Total cost: $3 for broach.  May be $3 for fringe.  Fabric is scraps left over from the dress.

Now I have to get going on the dress.  Something tells me it will be late too.


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