Made the best of a rainy weekend

Shirley and I had plans to go out this past weekend to see an old church in our mourning gowns and then for tea afterwards.  But we have had weather that looks more like a monsoon than a spring rain.  So we cancelled.  And we both had a weekend of sewing, sewing, sewing.  I managed to go from cut fabric to a finished bodice in one weekend.  Gads, I feel so relaxed!

I’ve now got the bodice of my 1838-40 Green Queen V dress done.  Again, here is the inspiration for the HSF Art challenge and the Politics of Fashion Challenge. It is an 1840 John Partridge painting of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria is obviously a political figure and many fashions were launched by her…for example, wearing white gowns for weddings.

Queen Victoria 1840 John Partridge

Queen Victoria 1840 John Partridge

And here is the gown so far.

be01d739_l (1)

The bodice is done but I need more jewels and the hooks need to be put on (but they don’t get done until after the skirt is sewn and attached.) I’m especially pleased with how this turned out!

The Challenge: Politics of fashion

Fabric: polyester sheer fabric, polyester solid fabric cotton lining

Pattern: TV455 Romantic Era Dress

Year: 1838-40

Notions: boning, beaded ribbon, hooks, buckles

How historically accurate is it? Hahahaha NOT! Fake jewels and machine Sewing and polyester says it all! 30%?

Hours to complete: 20 hours


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