Time to get back on track

I had a very nice vacation in Minneapolis.  And some of it is Victorian enough to be worth a share with you.  We went to Fort Snelling which was built in the Regency times but that means it was around during the Victorian Era.  Apparently, one of its jobs, once built was to keep the British and Canadians out.  Muhahahaha! I, a Canadian, managed to walk right in!  It must have been my disguise!

Being a proud Canadian, I had to make comparisons with the Fort in my neck of the woods.  Their Fort is older.  Point for them.

Oldest home in Minnesota.

Oldest home in Minnesota.

Both Forts have costumed employees that do a good job of telling and showing how it might have been.

Cooking up an egg for the lady of the house.

Cooking up an egg for the lady of the house.

Compared to MY fort, Fort Snelling’s buildings are pretty sparsely furnished.


Point for Lower Fort Garry.  We are now tied.

Fort Garry didn’t seem to have a lot of uniforms there.  I wonder why?  The uniforms are cool but I wouldn’t say it made my day to see them.

SAM_2249 SAM_2223


Fort Snelling had their employees shoot their muskets and canon!  Now that was very cool!  I loved that!  Point for Fort Snelling.




Fort Snelling had different items for sale in the gift shop.  I’ve always wanted this!

snell fort 20Three to one for Fort Snelling so far.  Fort Garry is Victorian, is open almost all year, and close enough for me to go to anytime I want to and I can go in costume! Four more points for Fort Garry, 5-1, we win!


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