HSF 14: Challenge 12 shape and support

A friend had made a quick “down and dirty” butt pad for me. It needed repairs and it was very plain.SAM_2317

I also needed a roll for my 1830’s dress but really didn’t want yet another thing to store. So I fixed the pad. Then I added lace, ribbons and loops. It can be worn as a pad like this.SAM_2320

If you untie the ribbons and retie them to the loops you get a roll like this.SAM_2322

The Challenge: 12 shape and support

Fabric: cotton

Pattern: made up

Year: 1837-1900

Notions: lace and ribbons

How historically accurate is it? Not at all.

Hours to complete: 3

First worn: not yet

Total cost: 0-all stash

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