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Saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny!

My doctor knows me very well doesn't she?

My doctor knows me very well doesn’t she?

While on vacation I went to the fabric store that I consider “heaven”.  Fabrics stacked 2 stories high and a floor space as big as a football field!  SR Harris Fabric is so big and the prices are fabulous!  It is also in the middle of an industrial area so poor Mr Victorian-Not had to sit in the car with some reading material while I wandered around in awe-struck wonder.

This time around, it was the buttons that had me.  sr fabrics 3

Buckets of them.

sr fabrics 5


sr fabrics 1

There happened to be two teenaged girls there.  Know what they did?  They sunk their hands into that barrel…up to the arm pits.  God, I regretted being a semi dignified 50 year old because I had been wanting to do that very thing.

I looked at the silk but didn’t go for it.  I bought my Silky Skies dress fabric there and after having it fade so easily, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go for silk again.  So I went for a sensible cotton in a fabulous dark purple and a purple flower print that will go nicely with it.  I’ve been craving a dark purple for some time.  sr fabrics 6I also bought some lace appliques and buttons as well.  I don’t know what it will become.  I’ll let it stew in my mind for a while.  See what ideas I come up with.


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